Parkers European

Welcome to Parkers European

We are the largest provider of chauffeurs to the automotive sector in the UK. We often drive our clients' cars over a million miles a year, either as advanced chauffeurs at prestigious events here and in Europe or delivering them to VIP clients. We represent some of the most high profile businesses in the world and deliver a range of add-on services to them in addition to the core chauffeur offering:

  • Over 500 chauffeurs – all trained as advanced drivers
  • Secure, covered and fully insured warehousing for over 200 vehicles
  • ISO9001 accredited – independently audited to a global quality standard
  • VVIP vehicle driven deliveries
  • Secure, enclosed transporter deliveries
  • Low key VVIP meet & greet services
  • Full event logistics support for any event of any size
  • In house - specialist VIP chauffeur training
  • Online booking portal tailored to your brand